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A region steeped in agricultural tradition and history,
our working farms not only sustain us today but also provide a direct
link to our past. By supporting local foods and farms, we will preserve
the extraordinary beauty of the region, conserving farmland
and surrounding communities.

Our maps will guide you to locally grown, farm-fresh produce
and agricultural products that are available direct from the farmer
at farmers’ markets and farm stands.

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In cooperation with

Cornell University Cooperative Extension
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why look for local food?
Varieties are chosen for good flavor instead of long distance shipping qualities, so they don't need waxing to stay fresh.
You will support family farms and neighbors.
You conserve farmland and local communities.
Fewer miles are traveled reducing air pollution and fossil
fuel consumption.
Fewer nutrients are lost between harvest and consumption.

fresh fruits & vegetables
Here are some reasons why more fruits and vegetables should
be added to your diet:
Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, fat and sodium.
Fruits and vegetables have no cholesterol.
Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber.
The USDA says “five-a-day” for good health.