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Eating Local Off-Season


  There are still plenty of local food options here in the North Country after the summer's gone. 
  Many farmers markets are closed, but some are open through the holidays or even through the winter.  Click here to explore
  farmers markets in your area.  Some farmers continue to sell through their own farmstands or through craft shows and local
  food coops.  They may have winter storage crops, value-added products or holiday greens and trees.  Click here to search for
  local farmers and their products.

  CSAs memberships make terrific gifts. 
  Community Supported Agriculture offers annual subscriptions whereby the farmer is paid ahead of the season, when the income
  is most needed, and the consumer receives weekly "shares" of the farm's bounty.  Some offer half shares or other options that
  make the cost more reasonable as a smaller gift.  Click here to visit our CSA page and find one near you!

  Looking for delicious ways to cook up the fall/winter harvest?
  The Eat3 website (Eat Well, Eat Local, Eat Together) is a great resource. Click here for creative new ideas (recipes are listed by

  Want to keep your bulk fall/winter farm purchases fresh? Look for local food preservation classes offered by your
  Cornell Cooperative Extension Association to learn canning, freezing and dehydration techniques.  Click here to find out how to
  store crops in a "root cellar".

  For helpful hints on choosing, storing and preparing potatoes click here.

  Apples are a great local choice nearly all year long!  Click here for a great site on New York State apples.

  Christmas trees abound locally.  Click here for a great site offering information about them.