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Farm Aid 2013

  In September of 2013 we had the privilege of attending the annual Farm Aid benefit, held in Saratoga Springs.

  Our display, part of the "Homegrown Village", invited the 25,000 participants to write down their favorite farmers and farms, along with
  the farm location, on a sticky note, and place the information on our huge map.  The title was "Who's Your Farmer?" and it was wildly
  popular.  The enthusiasm for local farmers was tremendous and heartwarming.  Over 450 unique farms were posted and those that
  could be read/deciphered/tracked to actual locations were recorded in this Google map - check it out!  Be sure to note the farms in
  other countries and zoom in to separate the large clusters in the New York and New England area.  Click on the red pegs for the name
  and address of each farm.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

  Here are some photos of the day:

  Before the crowds arrived...
  (Adk Harvest board chair Teresa Whalen (L) and coordinator Laurie Davis (R) as a tomato...or an apple...whatever)